Learn How To Navigate the iCON Website

Exploring iCON Website: A Desktop Version in Cantonese

Embark on a guided journey with us as we delve into the essential features of iCON website. Explore the key features, learn how to register events and where to find health resources across various sections. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned user, this video tour is your gateway to unlocking the rich and dynamic features of iCON website.



iCON WhatsApp group – South Asian

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of a brand new iCON WhatsApp group – a space to share insights, upcoming event announcements, practical tips and resources to manage your health better.
1. Click the link:
2. Or scan the QR code on the image
3. Read the group description
4. Welcome to the group

Additional Resources for South Asian Community: Mental Wellness

Additional Resources for South Asian Community: Mental Wellness


Support Groups:

Consulting Services:


Prepare Yourself for Extreme Heat

Heat events, also referred to as heatwaves, encompass consecutive days of temperatures exceeding the usual range for a specific region. With the ongoing climate changes, British Columbia can anticipate an increase in the frequency, duration, and intensity of heat events.


While heat events can impact the health of individuals, extreme heat poses a significantly higher risk of severe illness, particularly for those lacking access to a cool indoor setting. As outdoor temperatures escalate each day, the heat can accumulate indoors, creating a potentially perilous situation. The longer the duration of the heat event, the greater the danger it presents.


Find out what to do before, during and after an extreme heat event.

Extreme Heat Preparedness Guide (May 2023)

More information from Province of British Columbia

Getting to Know Dementia: A Guide to Diagnosis, Treatment, and Care (2022)

Getting to Know Dementia A Guide to Diagnosis, Treatment, and Care

This booklet is a compilation of best practices put together by content experts and its use is meant for general information purposes. The information presented in this booklet does not replace the advice of a health care provider. Please talk to your health care provider before implementing any changes to your lifestyle or medications.