Get to Know Monkeypox 齊來認識猴痘

This page available in Chinese.

The “Get to Know Monkeypox” webinar presented by Dr. Kendall Ho was held on July 25, 2022.
Delivered in Cantonese.

In this session, participants learned:

• New updates on Monkeypox
• Symptoms, high-risk groups, ways of transmission
• Misconception about Monkeypox
• Prevention methods and medical treatment

Watch the recording:


免費網上講座 – 齊來認識猴痘(粵語)/ Monkeypox workshop (Cantonese)
日期: 2022年7月25日(星期一)
講者: 何建韜醫生 (急救科醫生和「安康」健康網絡執行董事)
語言: 廣東話


  • 了解猴痘的最新現況
  • 認識猴痘的病徵、高風險族群及傳染途徑
  • 拆解大眾對猴痘的誤解
  • 預防猴痘的方法及藥物治療



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